I would like to bring to your attention a group of very progressive designers who I have quite a bit of respect for. Center Balance Rifle Platform Systems does its work like no one else simply because not many people do what these guys do. With a bit of engineering ingenuity and what I’m sure turns out to be a nightmare of subtle design flaws and revisions, CRBPS manufactures bull pup kits for a growing number of easily accessible rifles. Currently their list of kits covers the AK-47, Draco pistol, SKS, Mosin Nagant, Remington 597, and a Saiga 12 gauge shotgun.

I stumbled upon the CBRPS creations about a year ago, but only recently came to fully respect their efforts as I have been fiddling with making a bull pup kit of my own (paintball hardly counts though). Overhauling a firearm to this extent takes a lot of thought, and even more time and work, and I believe them to do a very good job of it. Although I have yet to handle one of their kits and can’t comment on their work out of any personal experience, I admire their initiative in giving a new life to a few classic rifle systems. I can’t wait to see what they do next, and I hope they continue to inspire some more radical creativity in the firearm accessory and gunsmithing communities.

I’ll leave you with a look at one of their Mosin kits with a few added customizations.