The Noisy Cricket

Growing up in my parents household my sister and I were introduced to firearms at a young age. We both enjoyed going out to our grandfathers deer lease and plinking with our .22lr rifles and other guns. My father and I were in a Boy Scout troop, so I kept shooting throughout adolescence, but my sister had not shot a gun in years. A few years ago a friend of the family, an avid shooter, invited us out to the ranch to shoot so we brought out my sister. Immediately, she fell right back in love with pistol shooting. A little over a year ago, my sister caved and said it was time she bought her own handgun to keep in her home for protection. She asked me for my help, so I told her I would go out to the gun show with her and help her pick one out.

After about 3 hours of walking around getting a feel for the pistols she
landed on three different used guns in her price range.

1. Kahr PM9
2. Kel-Tec PF9
3. Some forgettable subcompact*
After a little research she got the Kel-Tec PF9. I took the gun home and scrubbed it clean (it was a USED gun, bought from a gun show, these sometimes are the nastiest guns). We took the gun out later that month and found the sights were way off and that I told her I was going to take the gun in to my gunsmith to be realigned or fixed. Unfortunately, I haven`t had that opportunity yet.

My sister, who is in a relationship with a former Army sergeant, talk’d him into going to the range one day with us. Wanting to shoot her pistol she decided to bring it out for everyone to shoot.

My sister and I “forgot” to tell her boyfriend that the sights were extremely off.

On the line, my sister wanted to shoot my Glock 21 .45 ACP first, so her
boyfriend picked up the Kel-Tec loading it down with 6 rounds takes aim
down range and fires the first round. Seeing the round way off target from
where he was aiming, he continued to shoot the remaining five rounds, completely missing the center. he turns and says to me, “I know I haven’t shot in about five years but I didn’t think my aim would have become this bad.”

He looked over at my sister who is hitting center mass with the large frame
Glock. He asks to switch, and so she unloads the mag and they switch. With the Glock in hand, his first shot hits the bulls eye, second shot same and so on. He put the gun down and looks back behind him where my sister and I are standing now just
laughing our asses off as he realizes what we had done.

In the movie Men in Black Will Smith is in the armory of MiB and Tommy Lee
Jones hands him this little less than menacing looking gun… Well I think
the best way to share with you just how we feel about her PF9 I will just
show you the clip from MiB

After that day the gun was named The Noisy Cricket or Lil’ Armageddon

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