Top Ten pistols Pt. 2

Smith and Wesson S&W 500

This pistol is chambered in the S&W .500. This gun can be used for dangerous and large game hunting.

PRO: the .50 caliber projectile has good stopping power, The Smith and Wesson .500 is easy to clean.

CON: Heavy recoil, the ammo is costly at $2.50 to $3.00 dollars per round.

M&P .40

The Smith & Wesson M&P (Military and Police) is a weapon similar in design to the Glock in that is it is a polymer frame weapon chambered in 9mm .40 S&W, .357 SIG (not .357 magnum) and .45 ACP.

PRO: easy to take apart and clean, reliable, lightweight

CON: If you have a con for this weapon please share it with us.

Sig P226

The Sig Sauer  P226 is chambered in 9mm, .357 SIG and .40 S&W

PRO: Good gun, low recoil, accurate, cheap and easy to find ammo.

CON: If you have a con for this weapon please share it with us.

Taurus Judge

The Taurus Judge is multi-caliber revolver that fires the .45 Long colt and the .410 shotgun round.

PRO: small, lightweight, compact, multi-caliber, easy to clean.

CON: If you have a con for this weapon please share it with us.

Springfield XDm 9mm

I have shot this weapon a few times along side a Glock 19 9mm if I had to use a 9mm I would choose the Glock simply  because the Glock  feels more balanced to me.

PRO: Polymer frame, easy to take apart and clean, smooth action and smooth trigger pull.

CON: personally does not feel as balanced in my hand.

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  • nonya bitnoss

    I do have a con for the M&P9 (don’t know about the M&P.40 personally, but I assume it is the same). I’ve owned 2 different generations of this gun and both have had this issue. The polymer tactical rail is reenforced and better now, but will still warp from heat if you put a lot (more than 30 less than 100) of rounds through it a one time. The closer I got to 100 rounds the more it started to jam. The warp causes an impedance with the slide action and excessive friction. I owned a sigma 9 before the two M&P 9s and it had the same problem. I thought it was because the sigma line was so cheap and upgraded to the M&P. Also, I’ve had problems with aftermarket clips for the M&P. Jams frequently. I tried multiple brands, capacities and types of rounds. It turns out the inexpensive ProMag brand I got from Cheaper than Dirt jams the least frequently. It was the highest cap at 32 rounds, and was flawless as long as I did not load all 32. When I put the original clip back in, it is right as rain ’till the rail heats up and starts to warp.

    On a personal note:
    My Sig P226 is the most comfortable and accurate 9mm I own.
    My Glock 19 gen4 is my favorite due to ease of use/maintenance ( ghost lightened trigger & tritium sights)
    I no longer own any S&W semi-autos, but my model 60 .357 with wood handles and 3″ barrel is the most solid and dependable gun I own.