The Press Release from UTAS-USA

May 1, 2012 – Des Plaines, IL

UTAS-USA, American manufacturer of the revolutionary UTS-15 tactical shotgun announced today that production has started on the civilian model of the UTS-15 in their new facility in Des Plaines, IL.

UTAS’ Director of U.S. Operations, Matt Guzeldere stated today, “We’ve been working with UTAS Makine, Ltd. the Turkish company that developed the UTS-15, to set up American manufacturing for quite sometime. It has been a difficult process that required building a lot of duplicate and expensive tooling, such as polymer injection molds. We have a license agreement, all of the tooling in place and have started producing parts. Of course we’ll be training personnel, running the first guns through product qualification tests and ramping up production, so we’re anticipating delivering the first American made UTS-15’s in late May or early June. ”

The UTS-15 tactical 12 ga. pump shotgun is a patented, ground-up design utilizing fiber reinforced polymers for over 85% of its parts and is the first such firearm to have the receiver molded completely from polymer. At only 28.5” in overall length and weighing only 6.9 lbs, but with top-mounted alternately feeding magazines providing a total capacity of 15 rounds, the UTS-15 has truly broken new ground in tactical shotgun design. As standard features on the Military & Police Model and separately purchased accessories for civilians, there is a built in point-and-shoot impact centered, focused-beam LED spotlight, adjustable laser sight, flip-up large aperture peep or V rear sight, a glow-in-the-dark bead front sight and a screw in, breaching muzzle extension. 

The U.S. manufactured UTS-15 civilian model carries a base price of $1200.

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  • Jeremy

    I preordered mine yesterday, they are preproduction offering on GUNBROKER.com. 1200 dollars and you get the sights free a 140 dollar value. i went and did my research before i ordered, it was orginally a joint venture with S&W, then the economy and other internal problems S&W pulled out and left UTAS to run with the design. Check out the website, it functions better than the KSG in that you can empty the 15 rounds with out having to switch in the middle. The fit and finish look alot more professional than the KSG. The loading is more accessable than the KSG. And it is lighter than the KSG. The guy on the video at their web sight does not know how to load a shotgun, he uses his pointer finger instead of his thumb. The tube mags have finger assit or locks were you have no tension in dropping the rounds in. I can’t wait to get mine, end of May or First part of June is the target for the first ones. Also it is a awsome looking weapon, and compared to the KSG it is hands down the winner.

    • John

      To Jermey. You said that you purchased you uts from gunbrokers.com, correct? Then why is it that what I have been reading is that gunbrokers.com is a BIG scam when you logon to this website, don’t figure. Please explain? How did you get your utas-15 and who did you get it from?

  • william cralle

    I bought one of the Gunbroker UTS-15 as well. I had been waiting on the prices for KSG to come down. KSG is currently selling in the $1100 to $1300 range for an $800 MSRP gun. I jumped at the chance to get one of the first production models at MSRP with free sights as a bonus. What I like about the UTS-15 is the top located tubes. Makes loading easier and puts the barrel in a lower axis more in line with the shoulder. I can stuff both tubes with 2 3/4 or 3″ shells and can empty both magazines without having to switch. The laser and light are integral with built in on-off switches. It does look much more bulky than the KGS, but weighs the same so I dont see a problem there and being a bullpup it is way smaller than any other shotgun with similar capacity. The breaching choke is also a bonus

  • Greg

    I got my UTS-15 Friday, shot it Saturday. It’s a good weight, functions well, fairly decent ergonomics (terrible owner’s manual though).

    Nice to have a manufacturer of “interesting” shotguns actually making and shipping their gun. Kind’ve novel nowadays.

    • Greg, Where did you get your UTS-15 and what and how did they send it to you (via) a licesed dealership?

  • paul

    i came across a ksg by luk id like to see a shootoff between trhe two. words are cheap i agree with the comment made about loading the utas in that video it was very slow to load and it looks akward. if you watch the firing of the utas it seems to be all over the place when firing. it looks like the center of gravity is to high. watch the takedown of this wepeon it doesnt look easy esp with c clips and alot of punch driving needed. try watching the ksg on video in a 2 gun event i think you would be amazed also the videoof the swat team literally trying to destroy the ksg it or they all functioned 100% good luck with your utas PS

  • T-Bone

    Just a first hand account – I won both and the UTS-15 is by far the superior weapon. It basically fixes all of the annoying things about the KSG. Ignore the poster about accuracy problems, I hit 4 inch groupings at 50 yards with slugs all day long.