Manufactured by RCI (Roth Concept Innovations), XRAIL is a magazine extender which can be easily mounted to an impressive variety of manufacturers and models of shotguns. The XRAIL system is essentially four extension magazine tubes which automatically rotate from one tube to the next as they are emptied, extending a typical magazine tube by up to 22+1 rounds. There are currently two sizes in production. The Full Version XRAIL, and the Compact XRAIL, with the Compact holding up to 14+1 rounds.

The prospect of storing more ammunition in a single, relatively compact, loading tube is amazing. For competition shooters, the XRAIL could be a great addition to shave off seconds from timed runs by decreasing the frequency of reloads, but for any other purpose I feel like the weight of the rounds so far towards the front of the firearm would increase the fatigue on the user past the point of being terribly practical. The Full Version XRAIL weighs in at only 2.5 oz. empty, but the addition of four loaded magazine tubes would shift a considerable amount of the firearms weight to the front of the barrel making it just that much more unbalanced or taking that extra second to shoulder. As far as hitting a range goes, I would absolutely love to get my hands on an XRAIL system. When it comes to the practical application for home defense situations, or survival situations I think I will stick with the more standard 5+1 for now.

Oh. And just so you know how much I would love a day at the range with one of these bad boys, here is a little video I found.

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