Year of PDW?

I posted a few weeks back about Sig Sauer’s New Submachine Gun which looks like a cross between the MP5 and The AAC .300 BLK Honey Badger PDW. LRWC has a new PDW called : IC PSD.

lwrc_ic_psd_1-tfb1 lwrc_ic_psd-tfb1



They showed a prototype at SHOT 2012 with a standard collapsible AR-15 Stock. The new design has a skeleton stock like that of the SIG, Honey Badger and MP5.


Steve at the Firearm blog mentioned that it is chambered in 6.8 SPC. When I looked for more info on their site I did not find the exact model but I did find the PSD which says 5.56NATO, 6.8 SPC and .300 BLK.


[H/T TheFirearmblog]

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