I was asked by a friend of mine to talk a little bit about the 6.8mm Rem SPC.

left to right 6.8mm REM and 5.56 NATO

I haven’t have first hand experience with this 6.8mm round yet. (Anything i say from this point are just my own views from what i have read.) As i have written in other post I am not a fan of the 5.56 NATO round due in part to the fact it is a .22 on steroids!! I would like to see and feel on first hand basis and the differences in the rounds in how the handle. I have a collection of live and spent rounds with everything from a .50 BMG to a .45ACP to .17 hornet. I however haven’t yet come across anyone at the range shooting next to me who has a 6.8mm rifle so i have yet to pick a spent or live round up. I favor  the larger rounds because well let face it I am a guy and guys like BIG guns!

From my research on this 6.8mm round i have been doing for the past *looks at watch* 7 minutes now? i have found that this 6.8mm round was designed by Remington Arms Company, Inc. with some help of the US  SOCOM people. the round was designed in mind to be a between of the 5.56NATO and 7.62NATO in bullet speed and size. after i have a few shots with this round i will do a more then depth discovery of this 6.8mm Rem SPC round, you can count on that!!!

Now once i get the doctors release to put a butt-stock against my shoulder again I would love to get out and put some lead down range at some zombies or maybe into some cans of spray paint or a watermelon?? hm… *ideas start flowing into mind*

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