Range Gear

I have been shooting for years now and it seems every year I add more and more gear to my daily range carry. A few people have asked what I carry.  I will not be discussing the gear we use for reviewing, such as cameras and laptops and other gear as that isn’t what my true daily range carry consist of. When I first starting shooting alone (pre GearsofGuns.com) I carried a backpack with ammo, eye and ear protection, a bottle of water and shooting gloves plus the firearms and their respectful cases. Fast forward to 2015 and I carry: 6-10 long rifle cases each holding 1-8 firearms, Multiple of different slings, holsters and shooting gloves, Chest Rig An ice chest with food and water, Full Tool box Full med kit, 5+ ammo cans and cases of ammo, Spotting scope, Spotting camera with iPad, A box of targets.My EDC Backpack … What you’re missing….

Our Government works for us

There is a saying that I truly love and believe in. “A firearm is only a tool, I am the weapon”. It is not a secret that the firearm community fights for what we believe in. We just won a battle to keep an agency from banning common bullets.  New plants are being built in the USA because they were banned from importing their firearms into the United States of America. We as a community fight for what we believe in. Our industry has used the power of emails to our government officials to successfully fight for our God given rights.  Great job, lets keep up this up and remind our government that they work for us.  Tweet

Editorial: Standardizing vs. Proprietary


A few weeks back I reviewed a Windham Weaponry .308 AR style rifle. When I finished the review I contacted my local gunsmith as well as Windham and asked if they knew of any standardization in the .308 AR market.  I wanted to know if anyone had made a pattern for the upper and lower as well as the Bolt Carrier Group (BCG). The question seemed straight forward, however the answer isn’t. Long story short, no. No one has made a standard to which everyone is following. (Note: I am using the 5.56×45 and the .223 Remington interchangeably in the article even though they are not the same cartridge.  AR stands for Armalite Rifle not Assault Rifle). History In 1955 and 1956 Armalite designed the first prototypes of the original AR-10 chambered in the 7.62×51 (.308 Winchester.)  By 1957, the first AR-15 using the intermediate cartridge 5.56×45 NATO was designed … What you’re missing….

Henry Repeating Arms – Golden Boy Eagle Scout Tribute Edition Rifle Review

Some of you may already know I received the rank of Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America, in 2004. This is the highest rank one can receive and it must be earned and is never just given. My father was a big part as to why I made it to Eagle because he cared enough to be a part of the program and help make scouting worth what it should be. A place for boys to grown into men. History in a Rifle Henry Repeating Arms has been reproducing the Henry lever action since 1997 based on the 1860s rifle designed by Benjamin Tyler Henry. Henry Repeating Arms makes a very large variety of different lever action rifles all based on the original design. Henry makes a large number of tribute edition rifles such as the BSA, the EMS, the Military and Law enforcement, just to name a … What you’re missing….

Editorial: Modernizing the Wheel vs. Newly Invented


I was talking with someone the other night about guns (Yes, I do talk about other things than guns… sometimes) when they asked what I thought was the 5 top new innovations were in the industry. This is a topic I have been wanting to write about for a while, I just have never had the words. When it comes to the gun industry we have cycles we go through. The inventing and learning cycle and what I call the modernizing of the wheel. In the inventing and learning cycle we have invented things like the tube sights for long distance shooting and learned things like rifling. With the modernizing the wheel cycle, which we are currently in, we are just finding ways to make these older designs fit the 21 century. In the 1950s and 1960s the .308 Winchester and the .223 Remington made their debut in the in the … What you’re missing….

Windham Weaponry R16FSFST-308 Review


For those of you not familiar with Windham Weaponry and would like more history on them, you should visit  The Windham Weaponry Story… Introduction to the .308 AR Style Rifle I have always preferred the larger .30 caliber round over the 5.56×45. While the military finds the 5.56 round “adequate” it leaves much to be desired for more applications in the civilian market. For everyday plinking the 5.56×45 (.223 Remington) is fine but if I want to take that caliber for other hunting type purposes I might not legally be able. The AR-15 style rifle is Legos for the adult world. You can customize it to make some really interesting firearms. With thousands of different products designed for this platform, the possibilities are endless. As each year passes, people are inventing better and better products for the AR. The issue that I have with the AR platform is the caliber. … What you’re missing….

The Obligatory after SHOT Show List


As you may have figured out or had read earlier this month we did not go to SHOT Show 2015 but we did watch as much coverage as we had time for. Our top 5 things we are excited for in 2015 is (in no order) Magpuls release of AK furniture  and the D60 AR style drum mag   Geissele and their release of an ever needed AK trigger.   The Leupold DEVO The Leatherman Tread GLOCK MOS   I am very excited about the reviews planned for the GEARS Crew this year. We are working to bring more long range and pistols into the mix this year.  We want to really balance out all of our firearm reviews with more shooting gear reviews along side. For those of you who followed the coverage of the shot on other sites, what are some of the things you are looking forward to … What you’re missing….