Poll: What does your range offer you?


Typically there are three different types of ranges a shoot can go to. A range open to the public, a range that is members only and requires a yearly or monthly fee or land you or a friend owns that you normally shoot on. Today we are polling about what your range offers you and your shooting experience. If you shoot on your own land or a friends land please only answer that part of the poll. The polls have been split between Public and membership ranges. Please select all that apply to your range.   Tweet

Talon Grips for Glock 21 Review


I have been provided the materials needed for this review. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments. I was contacted by Talon Grips to review their product for my Glock 21. Introduction Gun stippling has become a main stream feature that people get on their pistol grips for pistols and rifles. It is for better hold of the grip in all situations. Although some people will stipple their grips at home, most choose someone with more experience in the field, so they don’t damage the grip. Talon Grips has a more cost effective method with their self adhesive gun dependent grip tape.    Testing I am not a competitive shooter, in the military or law enforcement. The times I am holding my firearms are not typically really tense moments where I am feeling like I am losing the grip of my … What you’re missing….

Olight R40 Seeker 1100 Lumen Flashlight Review


I have been provided the materials needed for this review. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments. I have been carrying a few flashlights with me where ever I go for the past few weeks. People keep asking me why so many. I’m reminded of this joke… A Texas Highway Patrolman pulled over an elderly lady for speeding. When he went to the car, he asked for her driver’s license, and proof of insurance. The lady took out the required information and handed it to him. In with the cards he was somewhat surprised (due to her advanced age) to see she had a conceal carry permit. He looked at her and asked if she had a weapon in her possession at this time. She responded that she indeed had a .45 auto in her glove box. The Patrolman could … What you’re missing….

Poll: Do you include gym training to improve your shooting technique?

DSCN3053 thumb Poll: Do you include gym training to improve your shooting technique?

Do you workout and train in the gym to help improve your shooting technique?

Growing up I was a competitive swimmer and one of the things taught is how to have more control over your heart rate and how to slow it down with breathing exercises. This has helped me not only in the water when swimming laps or lifting weights at the gym but also at the range. I love being in the gym almost as much as I love being at the range. I have noticed that while I am doing more of my cardio and getting fitter that my shooting has improved. My follow up shots at distance are quicker and more accurate, since my heart rate is slowed and my breathing is less. This has also helped me have better focus when I am moving and shooting.

Name this Gun 11-26: Robinson Armament XCR-M


Specs Calibers: .308, .243, .260 Overall Length: 37″ (18.6″ barrel) Collapsed Folded Length: 30″ (18.6″ barrel) Weight Empty:9.25lbs (heavy contour barrel) Barrel Lengths: 16″, 18.6″, 20″ Top Rail Length: 20″ Side and Bottom Rails:9.4″ Daniel Watters Correctly named this rifle.   I am someone who prefers the larger cartridges like the .308win. It is interesting to me to see a semi auto chambered in the .243win as it isn’t as common to see. The GEARS Crew has a bolt action .243 that we have used from time to time in testing. The design is reminiscent of the Scar and the ACR rifles. The rifle does use SR-25 style mags vs. the expensive AR-10 style, that also means it uses the .308 P-mags from Magpul.  This rifle has a left side charging handle. The rifle uses a long stroke gas piston. What are your thoughts on this rifle? Tweet

Video: Jerry Miculek shooting 1000 yards with a Barrett .50BMG in 2 seconds

Video: Jerry Miculek shooting 1000 yards with a Barrett .50BMG in 2 seconds

Jerry Miculek is fun to watch. He is always trying to make cool trick shots that are just incredible feats. I had to watch this video twice to understand what happened. He was using the balloon as an aiming point and not as a target. The reason for the balloon popping is the splatter from the .50 hitting the steel plate. I am fascinated by how people are pushing the envelope of what people thought was possible. Magpul dynamics is teaching people to take .308, which we thought to only have a max effective yardage out to 800-1000 yard and they are pushing them out to 1200+. For those of you who believe you can take this shot with ease like he did, I challenge you to pull off his 9mm revolver stunt and hit the steel plate at 1000 yards.   Tweet

Poll: Tech in Shooting


I have noticed as I go to the range lately, I carry out about 75 pounds of gear. This doesn’t even include my guns and their respective cases. Range Tech in the Range Bag While a lot of what I carry to the range is related to reviews and just normal work equipment, I have noticed that over the past few years my distance range tech as increased and yet my range distance hasn’t. I have observed more people with lasers and lights and camera mounts on their $700 M&P-15. I have asked a few why they have this mounted at all times and they tell me that they just need it. Mind you this is not your SWAT officers or Texas National Guard, I am talking to, but that guy who has been in the semi-auto rifle game for 2 years. Constant Evolution Like most every other industry, we … What you’re missing….

Repost: Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition Knife Sharpener Review


I wrote a review on the Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition Knife Sharpener over at AtticusJames.com. I review how I was able to get a razor edge on all my knives with relative ease after learning how to use the Work Sharp sharpener.