A fellow Eagle Scout in a 24 hour sniper challenge.

Andrew over at Vuurwapen blog has his nine lessons he learned at the Competition Dynamics 24 Hour Sniper Adventure Challenge.


Lesson #1 – Know Yourself
Lesson #2 – Know Your Equipment (Learned this lesson in my trips backpacking)
Lesson #3 – Hydrate Or Die (My loving sister just learned this lesson a few weeks back)
Lesson #4 – Take Care Of Your Feet (I have heard from a number of my military friends making this comment in basic and when they were deployed)
Lesson #5 – Have A Good Partner
Lesson #6 – Suffering Is Inevitable, So Ignore It (Good life lesson)
Lesson #7 – Pack Light (Good backpacking lesson learned in the BSA)
Lesson #8 – Quality Gear Is Nice To Have
Lesson #9 – When You’re Done, Relax And Enjoy Life (sounds like rule 32. “Enjoy the little things”)

Read his whole write up HERE

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