Anne Get Your Gun – The Nuts And Bolts Of Rifle Selection

Selecting the correct rifle is more than just determining a budget. While cost is an important variable, you must consider other factors when choosing the right firearm to fill your needs. You must determine the purpose of the rifle, the type of action that you’ll need and how comfortable you are with the recoil.

Set your budget before you go shopping and try to stay within it. You may have to trade-off a few items in order to find the best rifle in your price range. Reliability and accuracy are more important than an engraved wood stock. If you find that you are making too many compromises, you may have to reconsider your budget.

The next consideration is the condition and size of your shoulder. If you have a small frame or have health issues, you don’t want a rifle that has a powerful recoil. This characteristic will limit your option to smaller calibre weapons and will affect the performance of the rifle, but it ensures that you can operate the firearm safely and comfortably. It also means that you will enjoy your time hunting or on the range.

Another important consideration is the purpose of the rifle. Some rifles are ideally suited for target shooting, but may not be appropriate for hunting wild game. The target quarry plays a factor as well. You need different rifles and calibres for hunting pheasant as opposed to deer or elk. The distance at which you normally track your target has an impact on your selection. If you normally engage your target at close range, you don’t need a rifle capable of firing a long distance, high velocity cartridge. If you shoot targets competitively, determine whether you need a match quality firearm.

You should also consider the type of action that you want on your rifle. Single shot, bolt-action rifles are usually more accurate, but they take longer to chamber than lever-action or semi-automatic rifles. If you are shooting in match competitions, you need a bolt-action rifle with strict tolerances. Lever-action rifles are popular with deer hunters. People with physical limitations or those who just want to fire rounds at old bottles may need the ease of use associated with a semi-automatic.

Every gun purchaser also needs to consider gun maintenance. Rifles need to be cleaned regularly. The more complex the rifle, the more difficult it will be to maintain. You want a firearm that is easy to assemble, disassemble, clean and maintain. Proper care prolongs the life of your rifle.

Selecting the correct rifle ensures that you will have years of enjoyment.

Author Bio: Steve Jacobs is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys everything from hunting to fishing and beyond. Over the years Steve has come to be an expert in many of the fields he loves –fishing and hunting gear, supplies, ammo, reloading supplies, etc – and works for Sportsmans Warehouse helping others enjoy the outdoors.

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