Cases & Safes

Atticus and the Gears Crew wrap up the look back at Shot Show 2016 with the photos of safes and gun cases.  Thank you for taking a look back with us.  Hope you enjoyed the scenic tour.  No photos can begin to show the enormity of this show. Again, these photos are best of the ones taken and are meant to show the variety of what is to be seen at Shot Show and are not necessarily a reflection of our editorial support.



Flambeau Multi Pistol Gun Case


Liberty Safe 0Liberty Safe 2Liberty Safe 3Liberty Safe 4Liberty Safe 5Liberty Safe 6Liberty Safe 9


Pelican 1Pelican 2





Atticus James is traveling in India for the month of February.  You can follow his adventures at  In the meantime, he has left all of the photos from Shot Show 2016 for those of us left behind to post for him.  (This would explain any issues with photos being mislabeled.  Apologies in advance if this happens). If you find a mislabeled photo, please let us know and we will fix it as soon as possible.

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