Chey-Tac M200 Intervention


I saved my favorite for last.

Weight: 31 lb.
Length 53” (fully extended  stock)
Barrel length: 29’”
Chambered in: .408 Chey Tac
Action: Bolt
Effective range: 1500 – 2000+ Meters
Magazine: 7-round detachable box


This rifle has been made popular over the past few years from the video game Call of duty and movies like Shooter.

I first heard about this rifle in 2003 and the waves it was making in the ballistic world  with the new (at that point) .408 round and how it can remain supersonic at 2000 meters with the same kinetic energy (at 2000 meters) as a .44 magnum round shoot at point blank range.

Chey-Tac based the design off of the EDM Arms Windrunner .50 BMG sniper rifle in 2001. Rather than designing a rifle around an existing bullet they developed very-low-drag bullets with a new cartridge and then built the rifle to spec around the .408 Cheytac.


left to right: .50 BMG, .408 Chey-Tac, .338 Lapua , .300 Win Mag, 7.62 NATO and 5.56NATO.


Advantages of the .408 Chey-Tac
cartridge over the .50 BMG cartridge
• More compact
• 33% less weight
• Greater kinetic energy (beyond
400 yards)
• Shorter time to the target
• Greater velocity to the target
• Superior accuracy
• Engages targets at greater distances
• Remains supersonic longer for
greater accuracy
• Less primary recoil due to lighter
• Greater raw materials savings in


The Chey-Tac muzzle brake suppressor, manufactured by OPS INC, is a stainless steel suppressor. The all stainless steel construction with no replaceable parts guarantees a suppressor life that equals or exceeds the life of the rifle. When totally filled with water, the suppressor can be drained in 6 seconds which allows use when emerging from water. If the operator chooses to switch to the muzzle brake, a repeatable 6 minute of arc zero change for elevation is required.
(.408 Cheytac)

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