Choosing the Best Firearm for Women’s Protection

Every day, there are more reports of violent crimes being committed against women and unfortunately it doesn’t only happen in big cities. Even in the suburbs there are instances of break-ins, rapes and domestic violence. Women know that when they are alone at home and unarmed, they are vulnerable to attacks and this is a scary proposition. The only way to have a fighting chance under these circumstances is to purchase a handgun. It is a women’s best choice for protection.

Some firearm dealers will attempt to sell a woman a smaller, stylish looking gun. For example, a tiny .22 caliber, with a pearl handle may look good but it won’t stop an intruder. In fact, it may just make the situation worse. It is true that a woman has smaller hands and may not be able to control a bigger gun, but there are many other choices when it comes to being comfortable with a firearm. There are two major kinds of guns and they are the semi-automatic and the revolver.

Semi-Automatic Handguns

A semi-automatic holds what is referred to as a magazine. It is a cartridge that houses the ammunition and gives the user the ability to fire the weapon a number of times, without having to reload. They eject the bullet automatically and a new round is loaded into the chamber. Typically, a magazine can hold anywhere from 10 to 30 rounds of ammunition.


The revolver has a cylinder that is located on the gun next to the trigger and it holds the ammunition. When a bullet is fired the cylinder rotates and another bullet becomes available. It typically only holds six rounds.

Caliber and Ammunition

The caliber is a measurement of the bullet or ammunition the particular gun holds. For example, a small .22 caliber gun holds a bullet that is 5.59 millimeters in diameter. In contrast, the 44 magnum holds a bullet that is 11.18 millimeters in diameter.

Which is the Best: A Semi-Automatic or a Revolver?

There are many variables when it comes to choosing the right gun for a woman. A semi-automatic might be a better choice because it holds more ammunition, while the revolver only holds 6 rounds. However, if the woman has had target training, she may not need more ammunition. The size of the gun may be a problem because the bigger gun’s recoil may be more difficult to handle. A revolver is less likely to miss fire because it is less complex but the semi-automatic is easier to reload.

9mm Semi-Automatic Handguns

The best decision for a semi-automatic gun for women is the 9 millimeter. It has a grip which fits in smaller hands and it is powerful but not powerful enough to lose control. It is easy to aim, lightweight and perfect for beginners. This gun typically holds 15 rounds of ammunition.

.327 Federal Magnum Revolvers

The .327 Federal Magnum may be the best revolver for women. This gun’s grip is made for people with small to medium hands and it also has finger grooves. It has sites for improved accuracy and it is also light weight. This gun holds 5 to 6 rounds.

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