Eliminating the Flash


Baffle Suppressor

Baffles are the most typical style of suppressors you see. You see them in the hands of NFA approved gun owners, television shows, movies, and video games. For me, baffle can suppressors, are the epitome of the espionage world. They look really cool, and they do what they’re advertised to do!

The only issues I find in the baffle can designs, aside from the headache of owning one, is the failure to evenly distribute the heat from the discharged round.  It also isn’t able to conceal the flash that is emitted from the first discharged round, depending on the caliber you are shooting with. I also don’t care for noticeable “pop” sound and a large “plume” on the very first round in the bigger calibers like the .223 or a .45 that you are trying to suppress.

When first shooting a suppressed weapon system, the only way to conceal a flash is to maintain your rate of fire. That is not practical, because you will have to pause for a brief moment to acquire another target. As soon as you pause, oxygen enters the baffle and allows for the explosion of the round to be seen.

If you wanted to be a discreet operator this can be a problem because it can reveal the guns location.

Baffle suppressors do provide excellent flash reduction, but they fail to conceal the flash after the first round is fired.

The OSS Suppressor completely eliminates the first shot fired through their groundbreaking technology.

You can see the torture test of the O.S.S. here.






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