GUEST POST: Following Simple Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Your Gun to Last a Lifetime

Possessing a gun which has come to you on hereditary basis is a matter of great pride. There are many families where this is a tradition followed since ages. Apart from this, many people are fond of hunting and so they purchase various kinds of guns to enhance their tool kit. Keeping aside recreation and fun, sportsmen associated to the game of shooting also have different kinds of guns in their stock. Just having many guns in your kitty is not enough. It is important that the guns are taken care of well and maintained in a proper way so that they remain in good shape lifetime.

Here are some simple cleaning and maintenance tips for your gun:

Oiling the gun at regular intervals in a proper manner

To keep the gun in a smooth working condition, it is important that the gun is oiled at regular intervals and in a proper manner. There are many metallic parts in the gun and therefore oiling them properly is very important. Oil sprays are available so that the oil reaches to all the pivotal points in the gun, particularly around firing pins.

Keeping the gun dry is very important

If you go for hunting in the rains, it is obvious that your gun will get wet for sure. It is important that you wipe off the water from the gun at the earliest and make it dry. The best way to do the same is to put the gun on the barrel and let the water drop off from its body completely. From the gun cleaning kit, use the swab to dry the gun in the best possible manner. After complete drying, take some oil and run it all over the gun’s surface to prevent any kind of rusting. Check the area between the barrel and the stock to ensure that there is no trapped moisture there.

Wiping the gun to remove all kinds of oils or finger marks

After cleaning the gun and oiling it well, it is important that the total gun should be wiped with a clean piece of cloth. Many people have a tendency of wiping the total outer surface of the gun with oil to make it shinier. But the oil on the surface creates fingerprints. The areas with fingerprints can develop rust. So it is recommended to wipe the gun from top to bottom so that there are no fingerprints on the same.

Cleaning the powder residue from the gun

Shooting leaves some powder residue in the gun barrel. It is important to clean the powder residue from the gun at least once in a year. However, shooters who shoot often need to carry out the cleaning process quite frequently. Having powder residue in the barrel will affect the accuracy of your shooting. After removing the residue from the barrel completely, oil the same. You can understand by seeing whether the barrel is completely clean and devoid of any residue powder or not.

Proper storage of guns for enhancing its life

You might not know but guns require delicate handling and storage. You will see that many people have specialized gun cabinets where guns can be kept safely. It is recommended to use lock and key in the cabinets for additional safety and security. Apart from cabinets, there are special safes with units for storing guns. Most of these units have dehumidifiers installed in them so there are no chances of moisture absorption in the guns.

Follow these tips to keep your guns in the best form.


Article written by : Sam Cohen

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