Name this gun 6-9 PP-2000


Country of origin: Russia
Designer: KBP (Instrumental Design Bureau)
Production began: 2004
Weapon type: Submachine Gun
Caliber: 9 x 19 mm NATO
Action: Blowback-operated
Overall length: 11.8” (300 mm)
Barrel length: 7.1” (182 mm)
Weight empty: 3lbs (1.4 kg)
Magazine capacity: 20/44 round box
Cyclic rate: 600 RPM
Maximum effective range: 200 m (656ft)

44 round box magazine sticking out of the back to act as a shoulder support.

The PP-2000 was designed to be a competitor to some of the smaller caliber submachine guns like the FN-H P90 5.7mm or H&K MP7 4.6mm while still using a common caliber. The PP-2000 fires the standard 9mm NATO round but has the ability to fire the Russian 9×19  +P+ class 7N31 armor piercing ammunition.

The Charging handle folds forward out of the way on the top of the gun just behind the front sight.

The body from polymer as a single receiver with pistol grip and trigger guard. Trigger guard is large to provide front hand grip for better handling and accuracy.

The magazine well is the pistol grip like that of the H&K MP7.

The gun can hold a spare mag in the rear of the receiver (seen in the lower picture). The top picture shows a removable side-folding buttstock. This is currently being shipped out with the gun.

Fire selector is on the left side above the pistol grip so the (Right handed) operator can activate it using the thumb.

The gun come with fixed iron sights, and a Picatinny-type rail on the receiver cover.


[Operationiceberg named this gun correctly first.]

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