Polymer 1911 frames

I love researching 1911s! The iconic 1911 has long been one of my most admired hand guns, and the amazing amount of variants in its family tree is intriguing. By far the most controversial of these offspring is the polymer framed 1911. By some it is seen as a much-needed leap into the modern firearm industry, while others cry blaspheme. Many people question the logic of purchasing a polymer 1911 on the premise that a Glock or XD can be bought at a much more affordable price. Throughout the last few years, a few prestigious firearm manufacturers have promoted and dropped various polymer 1911 designs and all have been controversial. This years SHOT show has revealed yet another creation in the field of polymer/1911 alchemy.

Photo courtesy of Guns&Ammo

Rock River Arms (RRA) was caught showing off its new polymer 1911 at this years SHOT show. Their approach includes a textured grip with a 5” slide and steel frame insert billet (both consisting of 4140 steel) on a single stack polymer frame, and weighs in at 2.04 lbs/~36.64 oz. Most polymer 1911s have been double stacked, and as a result, end up having a bulky and generally uncomfortable grip. The RRA 1911 poly stuck closer to that amazing 1911 feel by keeping the thin, single stacked design, but may have also ended up with a very top-heavy pistol because of it. Of course since the polymer frame makes for a lighter firearm, it will also undoubtedly give this .45 a meaner recoil than its stainless counterparts. As always, there is a trade-off between being light weight and having low recoil.

RRA put a good spin on polymer 1911s with this one. Keeping it classic so that it still has the same nostalgic look and feel while also making the whole package lighter was a good move in my opinion. Unfortunately I can’t really say whether or not it is practical until I have handled it, but I for one am going to give it a chance: blaspheme or not.

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    You know what the 1911 is?!

    It’s the finest fighting pistol in the history of modern warfare.

    A loaded one is man’s other best friend, tied with his dog.

    An EMPTY one makes for a great shitty hammer.

    The POLY-1911 is just not right in so many ways. If you can’t handle the weight of the original do one of 3 things.
    2)Workout more, get more muscle mass, & GROW SOME BALLS
    3)Quit your bitching and carry a compact .45 OR a different weapon…..THERE ARE A LOT OF CHOICES.

    Even if this sells well there is going to be a TON of bitching about how uncomfortable it is to fire because it beats the shit out of you hands. Maybe chambered in a different caliber it would sell well…..but in .45, seriously, you’re firing a knockdown chuck of lead, EXPECT & DEAL WITH THE RECOIL you are SURE to get with a poly-frame .45

    I don’t like weapons that my best friend (my dog, in case you aren’t following) can use as a chew toy & win.

    A loaded Poly-45…..just at the thought I hate to imagine the balance.

    A empty Poly-45…..What good is that?! It couldn’t even hold a door open in a slight breeze, muchless be used as an inprovised melee weapon.

    Hell, I’ve said my bit… Done.

    • nick balkema

      Well for starters if your dog used any gun as a chew toy you would grow some balls and shoot that bitch. Second of all what’s wrong with polymer? I own both metal and polymer firearm’s and a good gun is a good gun no matter what its made out of.

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