Question: How do you carry?

Condition 0: round in chamber, hammer cocked, safety Off
Condition 1: round in chamber, hammer cocked, safety On
Condition 2: round in chamber, hammer uncocked
(note: all of the above include a loaded magazine in the weapon)
Condition 3: empty chamber, hammer uncocked, loaded magazine in weapon
Condition 4: empty chamber, no magazine in weapon

When in conceal carry what condition do you carry and why?


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  • North – Gun Blog Black List

    Condition 2 with my usual carry: Walther P99 compact.

  • Chuck

    Condition 2. Because I carry a Sig Sauer P220, there is no safety but carrying with a decocked hammer is safe (as long as the trigger is not pulled) and I can get a quick first round off with the double action trigger pull.

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