Scope Shield review

Is your rifle scope promiscuous? Do you worry that when you lock your rifles up in the safe that the next time you open the safe you will find that one of your scopes is now pregnant?
Have I got the product for you! Scope Shield neoprene scope condoms to keep all your scopes safe in a dark room.

If you have never asked yourself that question but you have needed to protect your scope investments you have probably thought about some type of scope covers. The option range from the pop ups to the rubber covers to something even more fancy like a personal scope security team to protect the scope from dirt and damage at all cost.

Scope shield is a neoprene jacket that covers your scope when not in use to keep the glass and paint from getting damaged by dust and dirt.

scopeshield_products_digital-gray-camo_large (1)

Scope Shield overs custom covers for your every need  or a plain shield with their company name on the side. Since the crew and I are really the only people to ever see the scope covers I just have the standard $15.97 cover on my Leupold VXII


The scope is designed for hunters to keep the scope out of the elements as best as possible without the shield taking too much effort to remove before you need to take the critical shot.



Overall thoughts

The scope cover works for what it is designed to do… Protect your investment.

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