AAC .300 BLK Honey Badger PDW

AAC .300 BLK Honey Badger PDW

AAC Honey badger

Caliber: .300 AAC Blackout
Barrel length: 6 inches
Overall Length w/ Suppressor: 24-29 inches
Weight: 6.5 pounds (unloaded)
STOCK: Collapsible
ACTION: Semi-auto
Magazine: Standard AR style magazines

The Advanced Armament Corporation showed off their new Honey Badger at the AUSA expo back in October 2011.

The .300 BLK cartridge was developed as one step forward towards the goal of replacing the MP5-SD with a more accurate and more powerful firearm for our troops and law enforcement officers. As John Hollister said many times when we were out on the range, when officers go in for a high risk warrant they can either take the quiet yet underpowered MP5-SD or the noisy and gigantic AR-15. AAC wanted to make something that had the ease of use of an AR-15 but the portability of a MP5, that could go from subsonic rounds to supersonic rounds with the change of a magazine. The .300 BLK cartridge gave them the round, but the Honey Badger is the final design.

The stock is based on the H&K sliding stock design but adapted for the AR-15 platform and uses a custom designed upper receiver that has slots built in for the rails to slide along. The receiver and stock were both designed by AAC’s R&D gurus at the request of a military organization that shall not be named. The barrel is only about 6 inches in length and affixes to a .30 caliber silencer that is partially hidden under the handguards. Despite the short barrel the weapon exceeds the accuracy of an MP5-SD.

The last time I saw this gun (or at least its parts) it was fresh off the rapid prototyping machine. The finished product looks fantastic, and I have no doubts that we’ll see something similar start to replace the aging MP5-SD.

Source: Thetruthaboutguns.com


Advanced Armament Corporation (AAC), Designed the .300 AAC Blackout in 2010 and released in 2011  it was designed to give a .30-caliber cartridge for the M4 platform.

The .300 AAC BLK cartridge was specifically developed for suppressor use

The subsonic 220-grain load offers better terminal ballistics over the traditional 9mm loads.

The .300 AAC Blackout also gives the user the option of using the 125-grain supersonic match ammunition for longer engagements, the 9mm round does not offer this option.

The Honey Badger was developed at the request of SOCOM to replace the HK MP5 and MP7 platforms for CQB and other low-profile operations.

The buffer system was shortened and the lower receiver was modified to accept the custom adjustable stock similar in design to the H&K MP5-SD.

The goal was to develop a PDW with increased lethality while maintaining the approximate dimensions and suppressed signature of the HK MP5SD.

The suppressed Honey Badger is as quiet to the ear as a MP5-SD.

There is a second version of the Multi-Purpose Weapon with a longer handguard that covers the suppressor. The longer handguard allows more space or lights, lasers and other rail attachments.






Q:How much energy are they getting out of that with a 6″ barrel and a subsonic round? What is the weight of the bullet they are using?

A: 220gr round traveling just over of 1000 fps for .300 AAC Blackout compared to a 147gr round which is just under 990fps for MP5-SD.


Caliber: 9 mm x 19 (9mm Luger)
Overall Length: 21.65”.
Barrel length: 5.74”.
Weight: 6.54 lbs. (unloaded)

Video Tuesday!!! AAC .300BLK

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I know this video has been out awhile and the .300 blackout isn’t anything “new” but still a cool video.


.300 AAC Blackout

I read about the The .300 BLK by AAC (Advanced Armament Corp.) around September 2010 and have been watching the reviews of this weapon before I wrote a post on it

The round was designed by AAC in 2010 and designed around the M4 Carbine platform  (short barrel AR-15 rifle) One weapon and caliber replacing the standard M4 This upper receiver group uses a standard  M4 bolt and Bolt Carrier Group.  This allows Military or Law Enforcement to take the standard M4 and just replace the barrel to the new .300 AAC blackout.

The project goals were:

  • Create a reliable compact 30-caliber solution for AR platform
  • Utilize existing inventory magazines while retaining their full capacity
  • Create the optimal platform for sound and flash suppressed fire
  • Create compatible supersonic ammo that matches 7.62×39mm ballistics
  • Provide the ability to penetrate barriers with high-mass projectiles
  • Provide all capabilities in a lightweight, durable, low recoiling package

Reasons the 7.62×39 was not considered:

Extreme cartridge taper
• Reduces reliability of feeding in AR Magazines
• Reduces Magazine capacity
• Cartridge taper induces considerably higher bolt thrust-
exacerbating the AR Bolt’s weaknesses
• Requires a larger Bolt Face which reduces Bolt Locking Lug strength-
exacerbating the AR Bolt’s weaknesses
Limited projectile selection
• 0.311″ diameter not a common option in most modern bullets
[As stated on the .300 AAC Blackoutwebsite]


The .300 Blackout uses standard AR-15 magazines and with cartridge size allows for the capacity of the magazine to be unchanged in round count.

The 300 AAC BLACKOUT 123 grain ammunition matches the ballistics of the 7.62x39mm AK and has 37% more energy than 5.56mm M855 when either are fired through a short barrel.

AAC commented saying “its hard to support a wildcat round (such as the .300 whisper) when load data is all over”.

The 300 AAC BLACKOUT  upper receiver is compatible with all AR-15 lowers

300 AAC BLACKOUT was approved by SAAMI on January 17, 2011.(Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute)

  • .300 BLK is going for approximately $20 for 20 rounds ($1 per round)
  • 7.62×39 is going for approximately $5 for 20 rounds ($0.25 per round)
  • .223/5.56NATO is going for approximately $5 for 20 rounds ($0.25 per round)

300 AAC BLACKOUT 125 grain plastic tip, 300 AAC BLACKOUT 125 grain match, 300 AAC BLACKOUT 220 grain subsonic, 5.56mm NATO, 7.62x39mm
L-R The 300 AAC Blackout plastic tipped, left, compared to 300 AAC BLACKOUT 125 match, 300 AAC BLACKOUT 220 subsonic, 5.56mm, and 7.62×39mm.