37mm Havoc Launcher

37mm Havoc Launcher

L-R ST 9″ Side Loading Havoc Launcher, ST 12″ Rear Loading Havoc Launcher


Tuesday we had a video of this flare launcher in action which sparked some interest.

Spike’s Tactical offers the 2 models on their site along with 12 gauge flare adapters and 26.5mm adapters that fit the models.


We contacted Spike’s Tactical to find out if the 12 gauge adapter would work with other types of rounds such as the Dragons Breath which is a flame thrower round and can shoot fire out to 100+ feet.

CEO Tom Miller stated in an email: “The 37mm Havoc was designed for smoke and flares only. Some LE Depts. use less lethal rounds through them but I wouldn’t recommend using any kind of powerful rounds through it.”

The launcher simply requires sliding the launcher onto the bottom rail of the hand guard on an AR-platform and tightening two set screws on the launcher.

Check with state and local laws before buying this but the launcher may be shipped direct to most areas in the US.