Double 1911

If you have seen the Green Hornet, you know the feeling when first laying eyes on the Double Desert Eagle. At first it was beautiful thought. Then it was painful. Shortly after that it was just so cool the fractured wrist would definitely be worth it. And then the barrels split in two different directions and the double Desert Eagle was dead to me. I see something like this and I’m really not sure what to think. Although I couldn’t ever make myself buy one for lack of any practicality, I’m still stuck at the “I absolutely must fire this some day” stage. Feast your eyes on the new Arsenal Firearms Second Century Model 2011 “AF2011-A1”.

That’s right. Who needs to squabble over polymer/metal or single stack/double stack when you can shut them both up with a completely awesome, completely ridiculous, double single stack .45? I really am not even sure what else to say about this gun. Yes it really is two 1911s made into a single, opposite ejecting, two bullet, semi auto long range hole punch. And did I mention that we are trying to get our hands on a specimen to review in the upcoming months?

Yes. I have another picture. You are welcome.

Another thing I have noticed about the AF2011-A1 is that it actually has two triggers, making this guy easy to come by without any funky taxes or licenses. I’m done now.

Oh, and this was in the video description. I lied about being done.

“The AF2011-A1 obviously features a number of very special parts, such as the single slide, the single frame, the single spur double hammer, the single grip safety, the single body double mainspring housing and the single double cavity magazine floor plate, the long and double magazine latch, the special barrel bushings and the hold open lever and side lever safety with long shafts: but the most interesting feature of the new pistol which we strived to keep during the development of the project, is the interchangeability of most internal parts, which come as standard 1911 replacement parts. These include the firing pins, the firing pins plates, the sears groups, the triple springs, the inner parts of the mainspring housings, the recoil springs and recoil springs rods, the magazine bodies and inner parts, the sights (including after market adjustable sights) the grips and grips screws and bushings.”