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My Favorite Pistol

Nine shots from 25 feet during first range trip.

We all have a favorite pistol. For some of us it’s our most reliable for others it may be our father’s or grandfather’s old pistol. While others have quirky sensibilities and cherish some odd ball that is difficult to find ammunition for. I’m not quite sure where mine falls in.

My Kimber Pro Carry II chambered in 9mm happens to be my favorite pistol. Is it my most reliable pistol? No. Is it my first choice for protection? No. Did it float that time I dropped it in the Brule River? Nope, it sank like a rock, but it’s still my favorite pistol.

When I first took the pistol to the range I was extremely pleased with the accuracy I was able to obtain from its four inch barrel. In contrast, I was very disappointed in its function. I had difficulty getting through a nine round magazine without experiencing at least one malfunction. I was dismayed at first and chalked it up to Kimber’s ‘break-in’ period. As I settled in for the long haul I took the opportunity of firing 500 rounds to focus on my fundamentals from the ground up. I didn’t pump 500 rounds through the pistol in one sitting as I would have become fatigued and wouldn’t have gained anything from that futile exercise. I chose to shoot 50-150 rounds every weekend until the pistol functioned as expected or until I ran out of money.

I was shooting ‘Dot Torture’ as I passed the 600 round mark and noticed I was able to fire through six magazines without any issues. Since that point malfunctions have been few and far between. I even took my 9mm 1911 to QSI’s DefensivePistol Course and fired over 300 rounds without a single malfunction all day.

I don’t consider myself a ‘fanboy’ for any brand or platform but I thoroughly enjoy 1911 pistols. I find most people shoot them well. With a thin grip most folks have no issue getting enough purchase on the pistol which tends to fit large and small hands alike. The single-action trigger lends itself to accuracy if the shooter does everything right and keeps the sights on target through the trigger press. Being chambered in 9mm makes the pistol a pleasure to shoot all day with its mild recoil and low ammunition cost.

Like I stated in the beginning; my Kimber Pro Carry 9mm is not my preferred gun for defense but is defiantly the gun I most enjoy shooting. I think it’s because I spent so much time with it. When I pick it up it feels like a well worn glove that keeps up with whatever I need to do with it. Accuracy is great, function is alright and with it I can’t help but smile while I’m slinging lead.

I’m still trying to find time to write up a decent review of this pistol to include my trials and tribulations to my ultimate enjoyment. Stay tuned…

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