What is a Gun Review?


Ebbs has a new write up about what most of us gun bloggers try to do… REVIEW GUNS!

This is what I’m thinking a Haus of Guns gun review should be:

  1. An accurate portrayal of exactly what the gun is or claims to be including purpose of use.
  2. How it functions including reliability, accuracy, comfort, and safety, and even likability.
  3. Technical truths about the gun based on factual findings with photographs [and video] to support claims.
  4. Well written/spoken, entertaining and to the point without leaving out critical information. Details shouldn’t be sacrificed with brevity.
  5. AND opinion. YES opinion regarding value, likes and/or dislikes, and overall final thoughts on the product itself. No favoritism undisclosed or an axe to grind taking a fresh approach from the beginning with every review.

Read more from EBBS here

I agree with his 5 talking points for reviews.

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