REVIEW: ZCORR Anti Corrosion Bag Review.

Jason from Z-CORR contacted us about doing a review on a few of their products
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1 Vacuum Tactical bag
1 Original Compact Tactical bag
1 Velcro Rifle/ Shotgun bag
1 Vacuum Pistol bag
5 Pack Large Parts & Ammo

800+ 5.56x45NATO Green tip ammo in plastic shipping bag.

400 (5.56NATO) rounds per Large Ammo & Parts Pouch

Glock 21 in Vacuum Pistol Bag in (food colored green) water subjected to 24 hours submerged in cold water (Black dot just to the rear of the grip is the vacuum valve)

Number of rounds and type: 13 Steel .45 ACP, 7 Brass .45 ACP semi-wad cutters, 1 standard brass 7.62×39, 1 7.62×39 brass dipped in lacquer, 20+ brass .22 Long rifle.

Ammo before being buried for 7 day in rainy (45-64 F degree temps) cold weather.
(Photo 1) Ammo in bag zipped. (Photo 2) Ammo submerged in water for 6 hours.
Ammo still dry after 6 hour soak.
Ammo being put in the 6” deep hole.
Ammo buried and covered in mud.

FN-H FS2000 in the Vacuum Tactical Bag.

Day 7 of ammo being buried in the mud (being pulled from mud while being washed off).
Bag pulled from the muddy water and washed off.

Dry, clean and rust and corrosion free ammo.

The Vacuum bags should under normal circumstances hold the vacuum until the bag is opened again.

The large ammo bags should be able to hold between 350 – 400 rounds of .223.
or roughly 200 7.62×51 rounds.

We found after transporting our 800 .223 rounds in a ammo case that the bag did have little dimples from where the bullet tips settled against the bag but the bag was hole free.

“The life of the bags depends on how they’re used.  If you’re in and out of them a few times each week you’ll still see at least 5yrs of protection.  The less you’re in and out of them the longer they will last.  This is because the interior material is impregnated with the VpCI molecules so when a firearm is pulled out of the bag it’s taking molecules with it.  The reason our bags last so much longer than similar ones by Zerust or Inhibitor bags is because our bags use both a VpCI material and a military grade exterior barrier layer which locks in the VpCI molecules and keeping external elements out.  Similar bags without that barrier layer allow their molecules to go both into the bag and out into the surrounding atmosphere so their material is depleted much faster.”

Jason Tuccio
ZCORR Products Program Manager

The Velcro Rifle/ Shotgun bag was too short to store any of the weapons we own but I have found that they will work great for storing our fully loaded magazines because it will protect the brass (and metal magazines) from corrosion.
I tested the vacuum on the “Vacuum Tactical Bag” with my
Browning Invector BPS Special Steel 20 Gauge shotgun over most of the month of December while I was away the gun was stored with the buttstock on the ground and the barrel against the wall, when we returned after 2 weeks with the shotgun in the bag the vacuum on the bag was fully gone. Under vacuum, during normal handling the bag at the muzzle developed a tear causing the bag to lose vacuum.  
The simple and effective fix for a puncture is to just use hvac foil tape from a big box hardware store.
After fully reviewing the bags overall even with the small tear, the bags are good bags for anti-corrosion.  Cost of the bags is reasonable for anyone wanting to preserve and protect their guns.

Shotgun muzzle

1/4” tear in the bag.

Theoretically, the corrosion protection can last in excess of 20 years.
A few pictures of the bag in use.

Sig 556 DMR

Browning shotgun.


Z-CORR is dedicated to making sure their customers are more than satisfied with their purchase and that they are getting their monies worth out of the ZCORR products.

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