Zombie Annihilator review

Last week I had the opportunity to go to the range with Atticus and shoot the Zombie Annihilator. I have shot other AR 15’s and was expecting pretty much the same experience. I got to tell you what a pleasant surprise I had. Being left handed I usually get pinged in the head every couple of ejected rounds; not once was I tapped in probably 60 rounds fired. The trigger is very smooth without being overly touchy. It is a heavy rifle in comparison to other AR’s, which I think help keep it on target. It comes with adjustable iron sights (close quarter and distance). I only had the opportunity to shoot on the tactical range (25yd) which went very well , although I would like to take it out on the 100yd.


My initial feel is that this is a very well made, solid rifle and I would definitely recommend it to lefties.


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